NerdRabbit Enters the AWS Marketplace

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Blog, News

Atlanta, GA – NerdRabbit is excited to announce its official launch on the AWS Marketplace. NerdRabbit enters the Marketplace with a software offering called Nerdly, aimed towards connecting AWS professionals and employers alike. 

NerdRabbit will be launching the first module of their software offering, Nerdly, onto the Marketplace. Nerdly is expected to propel careers in AWS, providing a platform for AWS professionals to display their experience, expertise, and credentials to then connect with companies in need of these specialized skill sets. Nerdly will be powered by AWS machine learning technology which will be the driving force behind making these valuable connections. 

NerdRabbit CEO/Head Hare, Mark Metz says, “the first module of our Nerdly Software is launching on the AWS Marketplace with functionality to help companies identify and hire full-time AWS professionals from our extensive network of vetted candidates”.    

Companies around the world are seeing the benefits of moving to the cloud, and specifically to AWS. However, attracting qualified AWS talent is often a hurdle that companies find difficult to overcome. NerdRabbit significantly reduces the friction of the recruiting process to deliver qualified candidates to customers in a faster, more efficient process that reduces or eliminates bias.

About NerdRabbit

NerdRabbit’s mission is “To connect a colony of professionals to share ideas and propel careers in a cloud-first world”.   With a sole focus on AWS, NerdRabbit is the only AWS solely-focused staffing company based in the US.  To learn more about NerdRabbit, visit

About Nerdly

Nerdly, the software powered by NerdRabbit will use machine learning technology to match AWS skilled candidates with AWS opportunities.

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