When it comes to job searching, it is no surprise that standing out among the crowd has become increasingly difficult. Employers and job seekers often feel lost in a sea of applications, resumes, and names when utilizing various hiring platforms. Candidates and employers focused on AWS are no exception to this.

Our solution 

At NerdRabbit, we believe that a candidate’s AWS skill set should speak for itself. That’s why we created Nerdly, an online marketplace that matches companies in need of temporary help, guidance, training, or consulting with qualified professionals (who we call “Nerds”) that can fulfill these requests. 

Nerds undergo a vetting process before activating their profiles to ensure that Nerdly is a community exclusively focused on candidates who have demonstrated a background working in AWS on projects like Application Development, DevOps, Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Migrations, and AI/ML. 

So, why become a nerd? And what is a verified nerd?

As a Nerd, you will be able to provide references from previous projects on your profile. You become a Verified Nerd on our platform after three completed references, which helps your profile stand out even further to employers and gets you hired on projects quicker.

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As you continue to take on work through Nerdly, you will be able to showcase your success and talents through NerdRabbit’s review system. Similar to many gig-economy applications, our review system allows you to leverage your positive reviews from customers in order to book future projects. As a Verified Nerd, we at NerdRabbit look forward to connecting you with companies, opportunities, and resources that will propel your career to new heights!


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Nerds are immediately matched with hourly gigs, long-term projects, and full-time (h)opportunities based on selection criteria.

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About Christopher Youngblood
As a Product Manager at NerdRabbit, Chris Youngblood is an expert in all things Nerdly, our software platform for hiring top AWS talent. Chris enjoys writing and recording music, playing with his dog, fish-keeping, and skateboarding.

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