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  • Singer / Songwriter
  • Lover of all video games (especially Nintendo!)
  • Skateboarder, Kayaker, Weight Lifter
  • Has a dog named Nick Fury (after Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Coming out of school I was extremely interested in 2 things, sales and software companies. My Dad was in the software industry through my childhood and I always found it fascinating, so when I graduated I moved to DC and started as an Inside Sales Executive at a SaaS company.  I was in sales for about 2 years but found myself wanting something slightly different. I decided to move back to the Atlanta area and try my hand as a Recruiter, hoping I would find it rewarding. This ended up being a perfect role for me, it allowed me to use my sales acumen to help people find interesting jobs in the tech space.

For the past year, I’ve been recruiting cloud-focused professionals at ReluTech and found that there’s an enormous need for talent as more companies move to the cloud. I’ve since joined the NerdRabbit team as a Product Manager, allowing me to apply a staffing-focused approach to the development of our ML-driven staffing software.

As a NerdRabbit Product Manager, I am your personal guide to all things Nerdly, the software powered by NerdRabbit. I am heavily involved in product development and communication with customers and candidates to not only improve our software, but to help clients understand how it can best be utilized for their specific needs. Consider me your trail-guide to anything Nerdly related.

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