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  • Passionate fan of Pittsburgh sports and back to back Stanley Cup championships
  • A Man Of The Earth: hiking & camping
  • Strategic board game enthusiast
  • Graphic design amateur 
  • Affinity for all things PennState, specifically their football team

My journey began with ReluTech, as a trainee in the Sourcing Analyst program. Learning the technical skills needed of candidates on the recruiting side during this time, I was well-prepared for a position where I could evangelize our unique recruiting abilities. I began doing just that as an Account Executive shortly after. Over the course of the year, I’ve learned more than I previously thought possible about all things relating to the IT field. Developing an understanding of the advantages of cloud migration, as well as the challenges clients face when virtualizing. I’ve come to understand the many benefits of ReluTech’s complete migration solution, the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy, and how to share this message. Now, I am excited to start this journey with NerdRabbit, partnered with AWS, to deliver the world’s first software-defined staffing solutions powered by machine learning to break the mold of traditional recruiting services and help our customers daily!

As a NerdRabbit Account Executive, I will be your personal concierge for all of your AWS staffing needs. I am your point of contact for any questions you may have about AWS staffing for your company, I can provide market insight, I can significantly reduce the workload of hiring, and will serve as a liaison for top candidates.



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