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About Nerdly

The Intelligent Software Behind NerdRabbit

Nerdly is NerdRabbit’s software platform that uses AWS machine learning technology to reduce the labor intensity typically associated with the interviewing, vetting, and hiring process. 

Nerds and NerdHerders use Nerdly to find new (h)opportunities; hire hourly, contract, or full-time cloud talent; and connect and collaborate with fellow cloud pros in the NerdBurrow.


I Need A (H)opportunity

Nerds are immediately matched with hourly gigs, long-term projects, and full-time (h)opportunities based on selection criteria.


I Have A (H)opportunity

NerdHerders are matched with certified cloud professionals available for immediate hire based on your requirements.

What’s in it for Nerds?

Minimal Work

Finding Work

Monetize Your

Side Hustle



What’s in it for NerdHerders?

Reduced Time

to Hire

Top Talent


Minimal Resume


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How does Nerdly work?

1. Submit your profile info

2. Speak to a human to become activated

3. Select your matching criteria

4. Get matched with a (H)opportunity!

5. Get paid through Nerdly in just 2 business days

Featured service areas

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AWS Cost Optimization


As your AWS environment grows, so too do your costs. Use one of our Certified Nerds to review your existing AWS environment, analyze what services are being used, and provide a detailed report with recommendations and other improvements that will optimize your costs and enhance your overall AWS environment.


Cloud Assessments

The desire to enter the cloud can be daunting. AWS professionals can use tools that will help in an organizations environment to assess their progress in their adoption journey. There is an opportunity to identify skills necessary and the gaps that exist currently in the environment. Fill out our Cloud Readiness Assessment.



Building machine learning pipelines that include training and testing models, hyperparameter tuning, and deploying model into production to be available as a real-time endpoint or scheduled batch based on predictions.

Machine Learning Pipeline

Using AWS machine learning technology, our software focuses on interviewing and vetting techniques, using unbiased algorithms to match AWS professionals with opportunities. 

Migrations to AWS

Here at NerdRabbit, we have access to top AWS talent that can help you fill the gaps on your time. Our All-Star NerdHerd Members can find you the perfect candidate.

Application Trainings

Hire a Nerd to train your team on topics such as Kubernetes and Building Serverless Applications.

Meet our NerdRabbit, Sheldon!

chat with Sheldon anytime, anywhere

Powered by AWS machine learning, Sheldon uses his unbiased artificial intelligence to pair Nerds and (h)opportunities through chat.

Whatever you’re using NerdRabbit for, Sheldon is your personal concierge to match you with Cloud Pros waiting to hop on to your (h)opportunity and ensure that you’re propelling the success of your business in a cloud 1st world.


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