Industry: Cloud-Native/Application Consultancy

Date: May 2019

Top Values Provided:

Significant Time Savings

NerdRabbit helped to significantly reduce the time to fill these roles.

Technical Expertise

By using NerdRabbit, this company was able to gain technical expertise.

Cloud Migration

NerdRabbit helped migrate this company to the cloud, in a timely matter. 

About the Company

This company is a cloud-native and application development consultancy company with a specialization in cloud migration. They work to reduce the time it takes to move to the cloud and within this transition, they guide the customer every step of the way.


This company’s goal was to achieve AWS Premier Partner status by scaling its business with the help of NerdRabbit. The customer shared that they did not have a specialized internal recruiting team with the expertise or experience to handle the growing demand associated with their expanding customer base.

NerdRabbit Solution

By early 2019, the NerdRabbit (ReluTech’s Talent Solutions) team had identified, vetted, and placed the first strategic hire, a Cloud Project Manager, on the customer’s delivery team. Given our background in building one of the fastest-growing AWS Premier Partners (Relus Cloud) which was highly regarded for its data & analytics capabilities, the customer continued to use NerdRabbit to further grow its Data & Analytics consulting practice.


NerdRabbit’s AWS Certified Cloud Recruitment team was able to successfully help their client grow. Since the initial engagement, NerdRabbit has filled 5 of the customer’s roles and is continuing to search for candidates to scale their business to take on new clients.

AWS Outcome

They are an AWS Advanced Partner that focuses on delivering the following services: Cloud Migration, DevOps, App Dev, Data & Analytics, Managed Services and Continuous Innovation.

AWS Experts Hired

  • Cloud Project Manager
  • AWS Data Architect
  • AWS Data Engineer
  • DevOps Architect
  • Application Architect/Delivery Lead

AWS Expertise of Candidates:

AWS Kinesis

AWS Elastic IP's

AWS Auto-Scaling



AWS Route 53

AWS Cloudfront

AWS Dynamo DB

AWS Lambda


AWS Cloudwatch

AWS Elastic Builder

AWS API Gateway

AWS Cloud Formation


AWS Elastic Beanstalk



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