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In a cloud-first world, it is no surprise that Cloud Computing is consistently ranked as the most in-demand of all IT skills. As these skill sets and job opportunities continue to evolve and the cloud proves to be the future, we saw a gap that needed to be filled. 


NerdRabbit is rapidly expanding our teams associated with helping to eliminate barriers to cloud migration – with the biggest one being people. In this space, the traditional model of staffing is not fulfilling all customer needs – specifically those customers that need complete teams, immediate resources, fractional skill sets or need people who can start work today.


NerdRabbit’s services are supported by a software-focused solution, called Nerdly, specifically created for AWS professionals. NerdRabbit connects these professionals to three different audiences through advanced AWS-powered machine learning technology, we call him “Sheldon”. The Nerdly software focuses on interviewing and vetting techniques to save teams time and to connect them with the talent best fitted for their needs.


We made NerdRabbit to appeal to three different audiences. The first being companies looking to develop their internal AWS teams through contract or full-time hires. The second being other cloud professionals who are seeking expert advice and assistance in their day to day adversities through collaborating with more seasoned experts, by the hour. Finally, NerdRabbit can be a resource to non-technical employees or individuals looking for assistance on projects, whether by the hour or on a contract basis.

our mission

“To connect a colony of professionals to share ideas and

propel careers in a cloud 1st world.”

our values

hop to it

In business, real innovation happens when speed and adaptability come together. NerdRabbit strives to “out hop” the competition by enabling an exceptional candidate to begin work on a customer project quickly and seamlessly. We stay ahead of the herd by prioritizing action, continuous learning, and a curious spirit.

all ears

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, we are all ears. We applaud individuals who wish to propel their careers and are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals by eliminating the friction in the hiring process. We ensure that you are our top priority, no matter where you are on the rabbit trail.

committed to our colony

We believe in giving everyone in our colony equal opportunities to succeed through our unbiased platform. Promoting diversity, equality, teamwork, and a foundation for professional growth is embedded in the culture of our company. We are committed to helping individuals and companies innovate together, acquire new skill sets, and seize opportunities in an ever-changing world.

act like a head hare

At NerdRabbit, we emphasize taking initiative and being a leader. Our employees and Nerds alike are hired through our unique vetting process where we prioritize ambition and strong work ethic. It’s important to us that everyone who represents NerdRabbit displays the same sense of ownership and pride in our platform that our founders did when they created it.

beyond the burrow

We believe that it is our responsibility to pay it forward both within and beyond our organization. We go the extra mile to make a difference within our community by tenaciously supporting individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

meet our nerdrabbit, sheldon

Say hello through AWS powered machine learning.

Chat with our NerdRabbit, Sheldon. Powered by machine learning, Sheldon uses his unbiased knowledge to pair candidates and opportunities. Looking for a full-time hire for your team? Tell Sheldon what your requirements are. Looking for a fellow AWS professional to help you get through a tough project or adversity at work? Find a more seasoned expert to guide you through it. Whatever you’re using NerdRabbit for, Sheldon can act as your personal concierge to ensure that you reach your goals.


Powered by NerdRabbit.

So, now that you have a better understanding of how NerdRabbit is operating as a whole, let us introduce you to Nerdly. Nerdly is our software-defined staffing platform. While NerdRabbit is the overarching company, Nerdly specifically refers to our AWS machine learning software. Nerdly is the propelling force that runs NerdRabbit, providing a space for employers and AWS professionals to connect virtually.

(H)opportunity Board

Perfect place to search or post open positions – hourly, contract, or full-time!

The Burrow

A forum for you to get your nerd on – chat with each other about anything from upcoming AWS news to your score on your favorite video games.

Find Your NerdRabbit

Search through our colony of experts – you have access to connect with any and all AWS professionals that are signed up as a Nerd.


Powered by AWS machine learning technology, Sheldon uses his unbiased knowledge to pair candidates and opportunities


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