Announcing NerdRabbit: A ReluTech Company

by | Apr 7, 2020 | News

Atlanta, GA – April 7th, 2020 – ReluTech is pleased to announce the launch of NerdRabbit, the only AWS-specific staffing company based in the US – and powered by AWS machine learning technology.

ReluTech, an AWS Select Technology Partner, is focused on eliminating barriers to cloud migration, with the largest barrier being finding the right people. In this space, the traditional model of staffing is falling short of meeting customer expectations, specifically for those customers that need complete teams, critical resources, fractional skill sets or people who can start work immediately.

CEO of ReluTech and NerdRabbit, Mark Metz, says, “In a cloud-first world, it is no surprise that Cloud Computing is consistently ranked as the most in-demand of all IT skills. As these skill sets and job opportunities continue to evolve and the cloud proves to be the future, we saw a gap that needed to be filled.”

We decided to go “all-in” with AWS and are transitioning our staffing team into this new business, NerdRabbit, where we fill needs for three primary audiences:

  1. Companies looking to expand their internal AWS teams through contract or full-time hires.
  2. Companies or individuals seeking expert advice and assistance for short-term projects fulfilled by seasoned experts, by the hour.
  3. Individuals seeking to earn extra money during non-work hours, or who may be looking for advancement opportunities.

NerdRabbit’s services will be supported by our proprietary software – Nerdly. Using AWS machine learning technology, our software focuses on interviewing and vetting techniques, using unbiased algorithms to match candidates with opportunities.

About NerdRabbit

NerdRabbit’s mission is “To connect a colony of professionals to share ideas and propel careers in a cloud-first world.” With a sole focus on AWS, NerdRabbit is the only AWS solely-focused staffing company based in the US. To learn more about NerdRabbit, visit

About ReluTech

ReluTech is an AWS Select Partner focused on eliminating barriers to cloud migration. With flexible asset life cycle programs, Relutech dramatically lowers the financial barriers to cloud migration or innovation. Now, through NerdRabbit, ReluTech helps companies find and hire AWS skilled professions.

ReluTech’s mission statement is: “We work hard to be the company customers recommend, employees are proud of, and our community values.”

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