NerdRabbit Is Hopping To Massachusetts

by | Jun 12, 2020 | News

Boston, MA – NerdRabbit is multiplying like rabbits! NerdRabbit has expanded its team of Cloud Recruitment Consultants to the state of Massachusetts.  

NerdRabbit has continued to grow rapidly over the last few months, despite the country’s current economic climate. With great enthusiasm and expectations for its business model, NerdRabbit has decided to expand into the Massachusetts market to find top AWS talent that is ready to be connected with hourly, contract, or full-time opportunities.

NerdRabbit is the world’s first AWS Software Defined Staffing Company, powered by Machine Learning. NerdRabbit pairs its industry expertise with its software offering, Nerdly, to match the perfect AWS candidate to an employer who needs specialized skillsets for their team.  

NerdRabbit CEO, Mark Metz, states “We are excited to widen our net through the expansion of our team in Boston. We believe that our software-defined staffing solution will be a game-changer for AWS candidates and employers not just in the northeast, but all over the country.”

Companies around the world are seeing the benefits of moving to the cloud, specifically to AWS,  but attracting qualified AWS talent is often a hurdle that companies find difficult to overcome. NerdRabbit’s mission is to significantly reduce the friction out of the recruiting process to deliver qualified candidates to customers in a faster, more efficient process that reduces or eliminates bias.  

Through the expansion to Massachusetts, NerdRabbit plans to widen its reach to attract qualified AWS talent across the northeast, on top of its efforts within Atlanta. NerdRabbit plans to grow its team in tandem with the anticipated growth of the organization as a whole. 

About NerdRabbit

NerdRabbit’s mission is “To connect a colony of professionals to share ideas and propel careers in a cloud-first world”.  With a sole focus on AWS, NerdRabbit is the only AWS solely-focused staffing company based in the US.  To learn more about NerdRabbit, visit

About Nerdly

Nerdly, the software powered by NerdRabbit will use machine learning technology to match AWS skilled candidates with AWS opportunities.

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