Ways To Optimize Your Nerdly Profile

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Career, Machine Learning

As the public release of Nerdly quickly approaches, we felt it would be important to give our future Nerds some guidance on best practices for building their profiles. As the NerdRabbit Project Manager, I will walk you through what type of information you should share about yourself on your Nerdly profile, what format will generate the most attention, and how you can show up at the top of the list when an employer searches for an AWS Professional.


To kick us off, one vital aspect you should know about Nerdly is that our platform is built on entirely anonymous searching. We wanted to ensure that we mitigated any chance of biases in hiring and we also wanted to allow our users’ skill sets to speak for themselves. Therefore, we removed pictures, public-facing names, and resumes with company and education titles.

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Once you’ve connected with an employer (or NerdHerder as we like to call them) you can share your resume, name, and moreover, but right off the bat we wanted searching to be a skills-driven process. With that anonymity in mind, when building your profile make sure that you avoid writing any identifying information in your Nerdly bio.

This would typically include your name or the companies you’ve worked for but could also encompass additional information, such as education.

Writing your bio

When you begin the process of writing your bio, it’s best to start with an opening statement about your skill set and the type of work you’re seeking.

When a NerdHerder searches for your profile, the first view they’ll see in the search results is called the “Nerd Quick View,” which provides an abbreviated version of your profile before they can click into your full profile. In the “Nerd Quick View” the employer will only see the first few sentences of your bio, so you want to put the most important information at the top. 

Search results

After that, you can format the rest in any way you’d like. However, you’ll want to make sure you include details about the technology you work with and the work you’ve done.

NerdHerders will be able to search based on any keyword they want. For instance, if they’re looking for a Nerd with CloudFormation experience, you’ll want to put details in your bio about how you’ve used CloudFormation if you want to show up in their search results.

Final notes

These are a few tips and tricks for building out your Nerdly profile, but there are definitely many additional ways to attract attention from top employers. Here at NerdRabbit, every Nerd will be assigned to a Certified Cloud Recruitment Consultant who will activate your account and provide guidance on using our tool to find work. Always feel free to reach out and work with your CRC to make your profile the best it can be!

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As a Product Manager at NerdRabbit, Chris Youngblood is an expert in all things Nerdly, our software platform for hiring top AWS talent. Chris enjoys writing and recording music, playing with his dog, fish-keeping, and skateboarding.

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