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by | Nov 5, 2020 | Career

Learn How to Use Nerdly

Your Nerd profile has been created (congrats!) and now you’re ready to use Nerdly and get to work on some (h)opportunities, as well as get involved in the NerdRabbit community. Our goal is to get you started off on the right (rabbit’s) foot and hit the ground running. Here are a few keys to managing your experience and promoting your success across this innovative new AWS powered software platform.

Be Respectful

You manage your brand and your reputation is everything. We wanted a visual representation of this. On Nerdly, that’s why we provide and encourage the utilization of a rating system after each engagement has been completed. Our ratings don’t just incorporate overall performance on engagements, but also how you interact with decision-makers and your fellow community members. Keep in mind that decision-makers don’t just want to work with Nerds who have valuable skill sets, but they also want to work with highly rated Nerds. So remember to be prompt, respectful, and engaged whenever you’re in the midst of a discussion for a potential (h)opportunity, whether you land the gig or not.

Be Competitive

For most “SideHoppers”, taking on a side gig needs to be worth their while. You have a marketable skill set and you need to be compensated accordingly. However, don’t dangle a carrot out there just to see if a NerdHerder will bite. Throwing out unrealistic hourly rates to gouge NerdHerders will lead to unrealistic expectations and possible low ratings. Be competitive and flexible based on the scope of the gig so you can start building your portfolio of business through the platform, leading to more exciting and disruptive (h)opportunities.

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Be Honest

All of the information in your user profile is self-reported and with the help of our Cloud Recruitment Consultants, we can get you active and ready to engage companies looking for your unique skill sets. But remember, when applying and interviewing for any (h)opportunity, make sure you are representing yourself with an honest description of your professional AWS experience. Companies come to our platform through the AWS Marketplace to engage with Nerds that can hop onto projects TODAY because you have the previous experience to take on and complete specific tasks ASAP. Be sure to accurately represent yourself and the skills you possess, or else you will experience low ratings and little interest in your actual abilities moving forward. Remember, as you develop actual professional experience with a new skill, you can always update your user profile and bio.

Be Proactive

You just got your first gig and you’re excited for this new source of experience and income. The NerdHerder has confirmed the amount of hours for the project and expectations have been set for when it needs to be delivered. Should you wait until the project deadline to submit your final deliverable? We recommend the opposite. Deliver your outstanding work within the allotted hours ahead of schedule (we love being overachievers here at NerdRabbit).

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I know this sounds pretty obvious, but it needs to be emphasized. Exceeding expectations and over delivering on your timeframes will lead to more work and recognition across the entire platform. Here at NerdRabbit, we will highlight those Nerds that receive high ratings in an effort to get them more attention for future (h)opportunities.

Be Involved

When the idea of NerdRabbit was first conceived, above all else we wanted to create a community where dedicated and like-minded cloud gurus could communicate on the latest and greatest in AWS. With NerdRabbit off the ground and running full steam, we are dedicated to promoting a platform where members can get involved in respectful yet disruptive discussions, while also providing guidance through mentorship opportunities. Our platform isn’t perfect, so we will rely on you to let us know how we can improve our technology and provide you with the most innovative forum for short and long-term (h)opportunities, while also allowing for continued professional development.

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About Michael Whaley
As the Vice President of NerdRabbit, Michael Whaley—affectionately known around the office as Whaley—drives client, candidate, and employee engagement to maximize their potential in a cloud first world. Outside of work, Whaley enjoys traveling, movies, golfing, and teaching his children the importance of shenanigans.

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