How To Be The Most Successful Nerd

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Career

With over one-third of US workers participating in the gig economy, it’s no secret that organizations are increasingly looking to independent workers and freelancers for short-term commitments. The term “gig economy” refers to the free market system in which independent workers take on “gigs” or temporary positions that last for a specific period of time.

Examples of gig employees include freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers, and temporary or part-time hires. The trend toward a gig economy has been even more dominant during a global crisis like the one we find ourselves in today with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, NerdRabbit has never been better-positioned to help companies fill their AWS talent gaps through our unique software defined staffing solution called Nerdly. Nerdly is an online marketplace that matches companies with qualified AWS professionals (we call them Nerds) who are either contractors or moonlighters that can fill these skills gaps.

For those interested in providing temporary help, guidance, training, or consulting (“side hopping” if you will), I have outlined the three major keys to becoming the most successful “Nerd” on the platform.

Get verified

The first step in becoming a successful Nerd is to get verified. Just like on many social media platforms, getting verified confirms that your profile or account is totally authentic and that you have met certain eligibility requirements.

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For Nerdly, getting verified means that we have confirmed your AWS skill set through completing three references who were able to speak to your AWS experience. Speaking with other sources can offer additional information on a candidate’s skills, performance, knowledge, and employment history.

This also helps NerdRabbit’s Cloud Certified Recruitment Consultants assess the candidate’s potential for success in any particular project or position.

Stand out through reviews

As the gig economy becomes progressively more popular in the digital age and with jobs becoming more mobile, we’re able to manage our work from anywhere.

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This means that our Nerds have more projects to choose from, while employers can select the best individuals for specific projects from a larger talent pool than what they are used to. One way to make your profile stand out is by regularly taking on hourly gigs to build up good reviews. These reviews will in turn help you stand out amongst your peers and attract better gigs.

Constant professional development

In business, real innovation happens when speed and adaptability come together. One of my favorite NerdRabbit values is “hop to it.” We stay ahead of the herd by prioritizing action, continuous learning, and a curious spirit. This value carries over to our recruiting best practices when identifying Nerds for the platform.

We take pride in our community of AWS professionals who are regularly improving their skill sets by picking up new technologies, earning AWS Certifications, and building on their existing skill set, so be sure to stay ahead of the curve to be chosen for the best jobs on our platform.

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About José Buenrostro
José Buenrostro is the Lead Cloud Recruitment Consultant at NerdRabbit. He manages the NerdRabbit Direct practice, which is our professional cloud recruiting arm geared towards full-time and long-term staffing solutions for our clients. Outside of work, he enjoys breweries and wineries, new restaurants, grilling, and anything outdoors with his wife and pups!

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