NerdRabbit Gives Back During the Holiday Season with Toys for Tots

by | Dec 20, 2021 | News

NerdRabbit partners with its sister companies to donate over $11,000 worth of toys to the Toys for Tots foundation.

Atlanta, GA – December 10, 2021 – NerdRabbit continued its yearly tradition of giving back to the community by participating in Toys for Tots, a non-profit organization which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas.

NerdRabbit participates in a number of charitable events throughout the year as part of their commitment to community outreach and one of their core values, Beyond the Burrow, which involves paying it forward within and beyond the organization.

NerdRabbit’s Toys for Tots event takes place at the beginning of each December. Joined by sister companies ReluTech and ChannelWorks, employees dress in holiday attire and rush to the toy section to fill each cart with as many toys as possible.

Each year, NerdRabbit strives to break the record for the longest receipt in an effort to increase their donation compared to the previous year.

“We had so much fun at Toys for Tots this year,” said NerdRabbit CEO, Annelle Barnett. “We’re so excited that we were able to buy over $11,000 worth of toys for the cause. We’d like to thank our customers, partners, and candidates for their continued business and joining us on this journey. We’re so glad that we could do this for the kids.”

More about Toys for Tots

Founded in 1947, Toys for Tots is a US Marine Corps Reserve Program created with the goal of helping less fortunate children throughout the United States by offering them a Christmas experience. Each year, Toys for Tots holds annual toy collection drives in communities throughout the country.

Once the toys are collected from these local drives, the US Marines distribute them through churches and social welfare agencies to the children who are most in need. In addition to toy drives, Toys for Tots holds annual events, such as golf tournaments, to increase funds and interest in the Toys for Tots campaign.

Last year, Toys for Tots donated over 19 million toys to over 7.3 million children across the US to bring them cheer during the holiday season.

The NerdRabbit team looks forward to participating in next year’s Toys for Tots event and hopes to donate even more in 2022.

Watch our Toys for Tots video below.

About NerdRabbit
NerdRabbit is the world’s first AWS software-defined talent company powered by machine learning technology. Our software, Nerdly, connects AWS certified professionals with employers through the AWS Marketplace for hourly, contract, and full-time hire.

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