Our NerdLife: Why NerdRabbit Is One of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work in 2022

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Today, employees and employers put a major emphasis on company or organizational culture, but what is it exactly? The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) defines company culture as the shared values established by leaders, which are reinforced through various methods and ultimately shape employee perceptions and behaviors.

Organizational culture at NerdRabbit

Now you may be asking, what is NerdRabbit’s culture like, and what makes us different from other companies?

At NerdRabbit, we have five core values:

  1. Hop to it
  2. All Ears
  3. Committed to Our Colony
  4. Act Like a Head Hare
  5. Beyond the Burrow

We give an in-depth description of our values on our about page, but put simply, we commit to our team by:

  • Providing endless opportunities for growth
  • Helping individuals reach their goals
  • Enabling our herd to quickly tackle projects
  • Valuing ideas brought to the table

We all take pride in what we do. No matter how big or small the win may be, we own it together as a team. Outside of the office, we bond through team building and community outreach events, like our annual Toys for Tots day.

> NerdRabbit Gives Back During the Holiday Season with Toys for Tots

What makes NerdRabbit different

How is NerdRabbit’s culture unlike no other?

We have tremendous hiring goals due to our exponential growth in the past year. In addition to rapid growth, our teams look for longevity, and our culture and mission keeps them here.

For me personally, culture is a huge asset and deciding factor when looking at any company. Collaboration, welcome, support, work ethic, and the ability to have fun are the top five things I look for in a company, and I found them all here at NerdRabbit.

What our employees say

But don’t just take it from me!

Claire Edwards has been part of the NerdRabbit team for a year, and she said, “From the day I started with NerdRabbit, I saw the potential and possibilities this company can provide. We have an incredible and experienced leadership team that supports their employees both personally and professionally. The sky is the limit at this company and there are endless opportunities with our platform.”

> Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

José Buenrostro has been with Catalyst Tech Ventures for five years and witnessed the immense development and beginning of NerdRabbit. He said, “I love being part of something greater than myself and building something truly special and unique. I get to wear many hats and discover significantly more rather than being siloed to just one thing. I’ve learned so much more than just recruiting over the years. Also, we’ve always believed in paying it forward and making a difference in our community; i.e.Toys for Tots, Promise686, Georgia Black United Fund, etc.”

Looking ahead

With our focus right now on AWS and cloud space, we plan to soon expand into other cloud platforms, marketing, and engineering. Our opportunities for growth, personal and professional development, and support are truly limitless at NerdRabbit. That is what makes NerdRabbit’s company culture special.

Hop on in!

It’s not enough to be a leader in cloud talent and recruiting solutions—we’re also a great place to work.

A headshot of Alexis Hutt.
About NerdRabbit
NerdRabbit is the world’s first AWS software-defined talent company powered by machine learning technology. Our software, Nerdly, connects AWS certified professionals with employers through the AWS Marketplace for hourly, contract, and full-time hire.

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