NerdRabbit Gives Back with a School Supplies Drive

by | Aug 22, 2022 | News

School is starting back, and that means families are scrambling to get the supplies they need for their kids’ first day. But for some families, purchasing school supplies can be a struggle. That’s why NerdRabbit is happy to announce it raised $5,000 to buy school supplies for three local Title 1 schools.

“We’re grateful to have an opportunity to support our local schools with resources that impact children’s lives positively,” said NerdRabbit CEO Annelle Barnett. “We hope this will help ease the process of kicking off the school year for local families, children, and schools. We are proud of our team and thankful for the opportunity to give back to our neighborhood.”

NerdRabbit is constantly trying to find ways to be a resource not only to local businesses but to our local community as well. The NerdRabbit team packed over 300 backpacks full of pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, rulers, crayons, headphones, and more. The team visited the schools and delivered the backpacks the following day.

NerdRabbit wishes a great school year to Stripling Elementary School, Peachtree Elementary School, and Duluth Middle School.


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