Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the business landscape at a blazing pace. With the rise of generative AI, companies can now create smarter and more intuitive tools and solutions that can help automate complex processes and deliver more value to their customers.

At Google Cloud Next 2023, the tech giant announced three new generative AI tools, namely Vertex AI Search, Conversation, and Duet AI. These tools are designed to help businesses unlock the full potential of generative AI and transform the way they operate. In this article, we’ll explore how companies can leverage generative AI to their advantage and discuss some of the benefits of using these new tools.

New AI product announcements from Google Cloud Next 2023

Vertex AI Search

Vertex AI Search offers companies the ability to create generative search applications that are powered by Google’s generative AI. This tool has the potential to change how customers interact with organizations by providing faster, more accurate, and personalized responses.

The ability to build an intelligent search engine that can handle complex queries and understands natural language can open new opportunities for businesses. Companies can use this tool to improve customer experience, optimize sales, and increase conversions.


Google Cloud also announced Conversation, which allows companies to leverage state-of-the-art deep learning models to improve the accuracy of their chatbots. This tool uses Google’s advanced machine learning algorithms to build a context-aware conversational interface.

Conversation can help businesses create chatbots that can answer customer questions, provide helpful information, and guide them through transactions in a human-like manner. This can help businesses generate more revenue by improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Duet AI

Duet AI is now available in preview mode across Google Cloud in addition to popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IntelliJ. This tool is designed to help software developers write better code by using AI models to assist them in real time. With Duet AI, developers can write code faster, more accurately, and with fewer errors.

Duet AI also provides a natural language chat interface that developers can use to learn more about programming in the cloud and get answers to urgent questions. The AI is trained on Google Cloud help documents, so it’s well-equipped to provide developers with accurate, timely information straight from the source.

This tool can boost the efficiency and productivity of software development teams and reduce the time and resources required to create complex applications. Duet AI can also help companies save costs by reducing development time and minimizing errors that may cause downtime or loss of revenue.

Leveraging generative AI is all about the right talent

To take advantage of these new tools, companies need to hire software engineers with AI skills and experience. Software engineers with AI skills can help businesses leverage generative AI to create intelligent solutions that can unlock new opportunities and drive growth. AI is no longer just a buzzword, and companies need to invest in AI talent to stay ahead of their competition.

Household names like Amazon, Netflix, and Meta are in a sort of arms race as I type to hire generative AI talent, with some touting salaries as high as $900,000 to entice job seekers. Not only are organizations hiring software engineers well-versed in AI, they’re also looking for technical leaders and C-suite additions who can offer advice and help steer the course in adopting AI to grow their businesses.

AI has received some criticism in the past for being overhyped, not all of which was unwarranted. But with the advent of generative AI, that’s changing very rapidly. In many cases, it’s time for organizations to believe the hype and act quickly to make sure they aren’t left behind by forward-thinking companies that have seen the writing on the wall. Without engaging the right people, that’s very hard to do.

The brave new world of AI

Vertex AI Search, Conversation, and Duet AI are game-changers in the world of AI. By leveraging these tools and hiring software engineers with AI experience, companies can stay ahead of the curve and create innovative solutions that help them achieve their business objectives. The future of AI is exciting, and businesses that embrace it early on will be well-positioned to thrive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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