Welcome to the NerdRabbit Podcast! In this episode, Arun Krishnakumar discusses use cases for Amazon Pinpoint, an AWS service for engaging with customers across multiple messaging channels. It is used to send push notifications, in-app notifications, emails, text messages, voice messages, and messages over custom channels.

Join our host, Chris Youngblood, and Arun Krishnakumar (Rabbit 633), an experienced Enterprise Cloud Architect, as they explore the nuances of DevOps, automation, and the cultural shifts necessary for technological adaptation.

About Our Guest:

Arun Krishnakumar has been a pivotal figure in the cloud space, leveraging the NerdRabbit platform to deliver outstanding projects focused on DevOps and automation. With his rich experience and forward-thinking approach, Arun shares insights that are invaluable to anyone looking to harness the power of cloud technologies effectively.

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About Christopher Youngblood
As a Product Manager at NerdRabbit, Chris Youngblood is an expert in all things Nerdly, our software platform for hiring top AWS talent. Chris enjoys writing and recording music, playing with his dog, fish-keeping, and skateboarding.