Industry: Healthcare IT

Top Values Provided:

Fast Response Time

NerdRabbit quickly helped this company fill the missing gap on their team. 

Technical Expertise

By using NerdRabbit, this company gained technical expertise.

Cloud Migration

This company was able to migrate to the cloud, thanks to NerdRabbit

AWS Experts Hired:

DevOps Manager

Designed and supported migration databases and infrastructure from on-premise platforms to AWS.

About the Company

This healthcare IT company has established strong domain expertise in the healthcare industry, including State Medicaid and Federal and State Health IT. Their team is experienced with large scale, mission-critical IT implementations and works internationally across offices in nine cities. They specialize in Medicaid, Health IT, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Technology Solutions, Government IT, Enterprise Mobility, Telecommunications Infrastructure, MMIS, Consumer Engagement, and Predictive Analytics.


This healthcare IT company lacked internal resources; they found themselves struggling to find talent with a solid understanding of on-prem databases and infrastructure, as well as extensive AWS cloud infrastructure design experience. They needed an experienced DevOps Manager to design, procure, and implement databases and infrastructure cloud services in AWS Cloud across multiple Medicaid MMIS systems and federal projects.

NerdRabbit Solution

NerdRabbit quickly identified and onboarded an experienced DevOps Manager to design and support migration databases and infrastructure from on-premise platforms to AWS. Responsibilities included architecting and implementing new products in the areas of Cloud Solutions, as well as overseeing Database Security, Audit Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Performance Tuning, and Backup and recovery.


The DevOps Manager provided through NerdRabbit led the migration of on-premise databases and infrastructure platforms to AWS. Thanks to NerdRabbit, this company was able to efficiently build their team which ultimately led to a quicker migration.

AWS Expertise of Candidate:






Having NerdRabbit deliver on placing a key member of our Cloud team was instrumental in our ability to complete this complex migration. Not only did we increase our leadership skill level but we were able to train our current team to skill level-up.”  

– Director, Database & Cloud Infrastructure Services

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