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NerdRabbit offers nearshore talent solutions through our on-the-ground partners in Argentina. Ready to engage affordable top talent?

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What is nearshore outsourcing?

Nearshore is a way of outsourcing work to talent from nearby countries. Unlike offshore talent—usually from faraway countries like India or the Philippines—nearshore talent focuses on sourcing talent from Canada and Latin America, for US-based organizations. Nearshore talent offers better time zone overlap than offshore talent with a lower cost of engagement than onshore talent.

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Advantages of using NerdRabbit for nearshore talent


Cost savings

Nearshore talent can cost up to 50% less than US- or Canada-based talent of the same skill level. Plus, NerdRabbit is available on AWS Marketplace, allowing for streamlined billing with your cloud spend.


Time difference

Unlike offshore talent—consisting mostly of professionals in the Philippines and India—nearshore talent is largely based in Latin America. That means more working hour overlap between nearshore and domestic teams.


Established relationship

Figuring out where to find quality nearshore resources you can trust presents a major challenge to businesses looking to hire nearshore talent. Over the years, we’ve built a strong working relationship with our partners in Argentina, passing on time savings and peace of mind to you.

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Our team

At NerdRabbit, we know the cloud. Both our in-house team and nearshore partners are comprised of AWS-certified professionals, and we work with organizations of all sizes to tackle cloud projects and source talent. Our nearshore partners bring over 10 years of cloud and development experience, working with over 75 clients across multiple countries.

Available nearshore talent

Whether you need help with a temporary project or to temporarily supplement existing staff, NerdRabbit has the nearshore talent you need.

Machine Learning (ML)

Web Development

Application Refactoring

UI/UX Design


Mobile development

Mobile Development

Cloud Migration

“We needed help with a cloud-native development project building a new software system for the State of Texas. This required writing new code for a cloud-first environment in AWS. Working with NerdRabbit, we directly hired a Senior AWS Architect to oversee the development project and lead a team of project-based nearshore software developers. This proved to be a cost-effective and efficient approach, enabling us to better serve the client and positioning us for future success with key accounts.”

Amelia Balderrama
President and CEO, iDocket

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