White glove staffing with a professional services outcome.

Nerdly Select combines the best of staffing, professional services, and talent platforms to deliver a hand-selected team of qualified cloud and IT experts, ready to take on your most important projects.

Engage Nerdly Select to deliver outcomes such as:

Cloud Migration Acceleration Pod

Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence

App Modernization Acceleration Pod

Leverage the Cloud to Modernize Your Business

Security and Compliance Audits

Prevent Data Breaches and Business Disruptions

AWS Control Tower Configuration

Well-Architected, Scalable, and Secure AWS Accounts

Well Architected Framework Reviews

Optimize Your Workloads with an AWS WAFR

Cloud Team Assessment

Optimize Your Cloud Team for Peak Performance testing solution.

A partner you can trust

Before founding NerdRabbit, our leadership team built and sold the fastest-growing AWS cloud consultancy in the country. By leveraging our unique combination of decades of cloud and IT staffing experience with the convenience and accessibility of our purpose-built, AI-powered Nerdly platform, we are able to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution that offers the best of both worlds.

What makes us unique

Nerdly Select sits at the convergence of staffing, professional services, and talent platforms.

Accelerate Cloud and IT Outcomes with Cloud Acceleration Pods

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why our pods are not one-size-fits-all. They are meticulously tailored to match your project’s specific requirements, ensuring that every solution delivered is a perfect fit.

These hand-selected teams are comprised of cloud architects, project managers, seasoned software engineers, and subject matter experts.

To ensure consistent quality of delivery, we’ve developed a hub and spoke model with an in-house Solution Architect and a Project Manager at the heart of every Cloud Acceleration Pod.

To ensure a cost effective and highly accessible solution, we leverage our Nerd Network of over 1000 AWS-certified cloud engineers who are rigorously vetted and managed by our in-house resources.

Why organizations choose NerdRabbit

How TCP Software boosts product speed with cloud talent

How iDocket improves electronic workflow processes

How AgVoice re-architected its application and moved to the cloud

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Benefits of Nerdly Select

Hand-selected team

We leverage decades of staffing expertise to hand-select the right-sized and right-skilled Cloud Acceleration Pod

Delivery oversight

Nerdly Select supplies an in-house solution architect and project manager to oversee the project and ensure quality of outcomes

Accessibility and cost

With 1,000 certified cloud engineers on Nerdly, we’re able to offer highly accessible cost-effective solutions for SMB to enterprise

What makes our Nerds different?

Nerd /’nerd/ n : A cloud, IT, or marketing professional proficient in any number of specializations and available for hourly, contract, or project-based work on the Nerdly platform

    • All US-based talent
    • Pre-screened by our in-house team of certified cloud recruitment consultants
    • Hand-selected for each project by our dedicated team of solution architects and project managers
    • Scale up or down, depending on your needs
    • Flexible engagements — no long term commitments
    • Secure billing through Stripe

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Make your next career move, on your own terms. After you apply, one of our cloud recruitment consultants will contact you for a screening call so you can create your Nerdly profile and start finding (h)opportunities.

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