The boutique direct hire recruiting and staging arm of NerdRabbit

Our cloud-certified recruiters source and recruit cloud, tech, and marketing talent to match the skills, requirements, and culture of your open positions.

Now available on AWS Marketplace

NerdRabbit Direct is now available on AWS Marketplace, making our services more accessible to AWS customers and letting them bill cloud professionals through AWS instead of going through internal HR.

To the cloud and beyond

We’ve got you covered

We have a proven track record of recruiting for other tech and marketing roles and are proud to partner with organizations to offer a full-service talent solution for their evolving needs.

Whether you need contract, contract-to-hire, or full-time candidates, our cloud-certified Cloud Recruitment Consultants will match you with top talent to fill your open positions.

Why NerdRabbit Direct

Dedicated team of certified Cloud Recruitment Consultants

Proven track record hiring full-time, long term project, and contract-to-hire resources

Experience Building Cloud Centers of Excellence

Nerd types available for hire

NerdRabbit has an exclusive network of cloud, tech, and marketing professionals specializing in:

Cloud Application Developers

DevOps Engineers

Data Center Engineers

Cloud Architects & Engineer

Big Data Analysts

Security Experts

AI/ML Experts

FinOps / Cost Optimization

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