Industry: IT Consulting

Date: August 2020

Top Values Provided:

Fast Response Time

NerdRabbit was able to provide a cloud engineer on short notice to assist with a website migration to AWS Lightsail.

Technical Expertise

By using NerdRabbit, ReluTech was able to find an AWS technical expert for hourly hire.

Flexible Contract

This hourly contract was flexible with his time to accommodate ReluTech’s needs.

AWS Experts Hired:

Hourly Candidate

AWS Professional for hourly hire

About the Company

ReluTech is dedicated to creating options in IT with a focus on reducing infrastructure data center costs and providing talent solutions. Through third-party maintenance, hardware wholesale, and disruptive technologies, they give customers options in the data center that traditional VARs and OEMs don’t provide. Their Talent Solutions combine a top-notch recruiting team with a deep and connected network within the technology community to deliver unrivaled talent anywhere in the country.


ReluTech’s system administrator was new to the AWS landscape. Reading the extensive documentation and attempting to self-learn was taking too long. John knew he needed to find hourly help in order to expedite the process but didn’t know where he could find a gig economy worker in such short notice, without hurting his budget.

NerdRabbit Solution

NerdRabbit was able to provide a cloud engineer on short notice to assist with a website migration to AWS Lightsail. The hourly Nerd was able to provide the consulting services within budget and in less than 4 hours of bill time.


By hiring an hourly Nerd, ReluTech was able to save their budget by engaging an hourly Nerd rather than going through a consulting company. In addition, ReluTech was able to spin up their website into a much faster platform to provide their customers with a better user experience.

Expertise Needed

AWS Lightsail

Linux Support

“Peter was great to work with.  He was knowledgeable regarding the Lightsail instance and patient with my limited Linux skills.  He walked me through commands I was unfamiliar with and saved copious amounts of time completing the project.”

John Waringa

Systems Administrator

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