Industry: Sports Management Software

Date: July 2020

Top Values Provided:

Immediate Value

NerdRabbit was able to provide an hourly resource within 24 hours, to immediately audit SwimTopia’s AWS bill. 

Cost Savings

By using NerdRabbit, SwimTopia saved big on finding top talent.

Technical Expertise

Through NerdRabbit, SwimTopia was able to find an AWS technical expert for hourly hire.

AWS Experts Hired:

Hourly Candidate

AWS Professional for hourly hire

About the Company

In 2010, SwimTopia was created by CEO and founder, Mason Hale. During his role as the “computer guy” for his kids’ swim team, he saw a gap that needed to be filled. He noticed how much time and effort went into running a swim team and started looking for other options that could take the weight off of parents’ shoulders. That’s when Mason created SwimTopia, a Swim Team Software designed to make managing swim teams and meets easier. 


Mason Hale, CEO of SwimTopia, needed a quick solution to help him with auditing his AWS environment. SwimTopia helps manage summer swim teams across the country, making his business highly seasonal. In preparation for the impact his business would have from COVID-19, Mason needed assistance analyzing his AWS bill and remediating any issues. With a very small internal IT team, SwimTopia not only lacked the time and experience to quickly figure this out on their own but did not have the budget to hire a consulting firm for the project.

NerdRabbit Solution

Swimtopia utilized NerdRabbit’s machine learning software, Nerdly, to find and hire an AWS professional equipped with the necessary skill sets for this project at a significantly lower price than what would be charged with a consulting firm. This AWS professional, what NerdRabbit calls a “Nerd”, was hired on an hourly basis to provide AWS cost management advice and help them gain insight into optimizing their spend with AWS.


As a result of working with NerdRabbit, By using the Nerdly software, this company quickly found a Nerd to perform a cost management analysis on their AWS account to ensure that they were using AWS to its fullest potential at their price point. Thanks to the easily accessible Nerdly software, SwimTopia “saved copious amounts of time and money assessing their AWS account.”

AWS Outcome

With the help of Nerdly, this hourly Nerd was able to hop onto the job with their AWS skill sets and successfully assess SwimTopia’s AWS costs.

“NerdRabbit was the perfect solution for us, said Mason. I was able to hire one of their “nerds” and just pay him by the hour. The nerd on the platform was incredibly qualified and able to add exponential value in his first hour. This solution is a game-changer. With NerdRabbit, I now know I have AWS experts that can hop on a project with just the click of a button. Now we can turn our attention to continuing to build the world’s best platform for swim teams, while NerdRabbit can support us through any AWS issues that may arise.”

Mason Hale

CEO & Founder

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