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Increased Revenue

AWS skilled engineers have accelerated deals in enterprise customers

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AWS W2 Employees

About the Company

Founded in London in 2014, Tyk is now a global leader in API Management with their product being used in 10,000’s of customers across the world. Tyk has a unique engineering culture, dedicated to making open-source API management tools for engineers and application builders across the world.


With roots in London, Tyk was continuing their rapid expansion and seeking to grow their US presence in Atlanta,  and in late 2019 hired a VP of Sales for North America, Michael Campbell. Michael found immediate opportunities for Tyk’s solutions in large enterprises across the US but needed immediate engineering support to enable new customer acquisition.   In a tight job market for technical skills, and most of the company leadership based out of Europe, Tyk was challenged in finding the right talent on their own. Every week that passed without engineering support was potentially lost revenue.

NerdRabbit Solution

Having known the Relutech team from past experience, Michael turned to their recruiting division, now called NerdRabbit.  With 1000’s of potential candidates in their database, the key to a successful placement for Tyk was using a combination of diligence, technology and knowledge of the Tyk culture and solutions.   The NerdRabbit team narrowed the list of candidates to a select few for interviews in a time schedule that far exceeded the customer expectation. Within a week, viable candidates were scheduled. And within 30 days, Michael was able to double his engineering team in Atlanta with new team members that could help close immediate sales opportunities.


As a result of working with NerdRabbit, Tyk was able to rapidly accelerate large enterprise deals in the pipeline.   Candidates placed through NerdRabbit helped the sales team promote the value of the Tyk API Management platform to demanding enterprise customers – and accelerate revenue growth.

AWS Outcome

In addition to having customers all over the world deploy the Tyk Gateway on AWS, Tyk also runs its own cloud platform on AWS. NerdRabbit works with both consulting partners and ISV partners like Tyk to help them expand their reach, their customer base and their solutions.

AWS Expertise of Candidates:


AWS Elastic Load Balancer

AWS Route 53


AWS Cloudfront

“We were looking for W2 employees with very specific skill sets who would also fit in our unique culture. Relutech’s NerdRabbit division delivered on their promise, and we are poised to continue growth in our platform.”

Michael Campbell

VP Sales

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