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What is the difference between a Nerd and a NerdHerder?
  • A Nerd is a prospective employee with a screened AWS skillset that an employer would like to hire for their expertise to fill any hourly, part-time, or full-time positions.
  • A NerdHerder is an employer in search of a Nerd with an AWS skillset. Employers can post job openings for positions they would like filled on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis.

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Which profile should I sign up for? Nerd or NerdHerder?
  • If you are a prospective employee looking to apply for hourly, part-time, or full-time work you will want to sign up as a Nerd. After registering, you will be contacted by a Cloud Recruitment consultant to screen your AWS background.
  • If you are a company looking to hire for hourly, part-time, or full-time work you will want to register as a NerdHerder.
What if I don’t receive a verification email?

Be sure to check your spam or junk folder! If you still don’t see any emails, please reach out to us at

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How do I edit a profile inside of NerdRabbit?

Once you are logged in, go to the home page and click “Profile”. Next, you will need to set up your NerdHerder profile; to do this, click on “View/Edit Profile”. From here you will be prompted to fill out 3 steps to finalize your profile. 

What should I put in my profile biography?

The profile biography section is for you to tell Nerds more about who you are, what you do at your company, and what kinds of people you are looking to hire.

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How do I create a (h)opportunity?

The first step in creating a (h)opportunity is clicking on the “Find Your Nerd” tab. From this page, you will want to navigate to the button that says “Create (H)opportunity”. This will direct you to our (H)opportunity form. Please fill out this form in its entirety then click on “Create” when you are finished.  This form can also be accessed from the My (H)opportunities page.

Why do some Nerds have a blue checkmark on their profile?

Some Nerds have opted into our verification process which requires 3 references to confirm the professional AWS background of this Nerd.  Nerds that complete this process will get a blue checkmark on their profile.

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What is up with the rabbit pictures?

On Nerdly, we wanted to do our best to promote unbiased hiring.  One way we’re doing that is by maintaining a certain level of anonymity in the search results, so that connections are being made strictly on skillset.

Where can I view my favorite Nerds?

On the “Find Your Nerd” page, click the button at the top of your screen labeled “Favorited Nerds” and choose which (h)opportunity you would like to view.

How do I schedule an interview with a Nerd?

To schedule an interview with a Nerd, go to the “My Hopportunities” page and click “Schedule an Interview” under the Nerd you’re interested in.

What is the difference between "Find your Nerd" and "Find a Service"?

While you can find candidates with unique skillset mixes on “Find Your Nerd”, you can also search for deliverable-based skills by using our “Find A Service” function. From the home page, click on “Find Your Service” at the top of the screen. This feature allows you to search for deliverable objectives, rather than by overall technical background.

How do ratings work?
  • NerdHerders will be able to rate Nerds after any Hourly engagement. Writing these ratings can be done from the Engagements page.
  • Nerds will also be able to rate their NerdHerders after an engagement, which can be reviewed by the NerdHerder on the Ratings page.
  • NerdHerders can rate Nerds on Flexibility/Adaptability, Work Ethic, Communication, Problem Solving, and Overall Experience. Nerds can rate NerdHerders on Overall Experience. Both parties will be able to leave a comment about their experience.
How do I manage my billing and payment options?
  • On the Home page, you can navigate to the Billing page. Inside, you will be able to connect a company/personal credit card, debit card, or bank account that will be used as a primary payment method for your Nerd timesheets and fees.  
  • Bank Accounts take up to 48 hours for funds to land which can delay Nerds starting on a project.  If you would like Nerds to start immediately after hiring, you can Add Funds to your account 2 days prior so that those are immediately available when you send an offer.
  • From the Billing page, you can also click the Upgrade Plan button to choose to upgrade to a subscription if you find yourself needing more work than originally planned.
Where do I view my interviews I have scheduled?

All interviews scheduled will be emailed with a calendar link. You can also find those on the Interview page, which is accessible from the Home page. From here you can navigate to the meeting link by clicking on the “meeting link” button next to different interviews.

Where can I change my account settings?

From the “Home” page, users can navigate to the settings feature where you will be able to change and manage phone numbers, locations, passwords, and notification settings.

What are Corporate NerdHerders?
  • Many companies have multiple teams needing gig work, so to simplify the billing process we’ve added Corporate NerdHerders.  This let’s an Administrator user invite Member users to their NerdHerder account so that all their billing uses the same payment method!
  • You can add Secondary users to your team from Home > Administrator > Invite Members.
How do I get started with NerdRabbit?
  • The first step in getting started with NerdRabbit is to register for Nerdly.
  • The Nerdly app can be accessed from the Nerdly tab on Once you’re on the Nerdly app, look to the top right corner of the page and click on registration.
Can I link a social media account with NerdRabbit?

Yes! We have given NerdHerders the option of signing up with either LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook. There are three buttons to sign up using any of those accounts below our regular registration form.

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How do I create a profile inside of NerdRabbit?

You can log into Nerdly after you verify your email. The first time you log in, you will be guided through a 3-step profile wizard.

Why can’t I add my own profile picture?

We strive to reduce hiring bias with our Nerdly software and maintaining a certain degree of anonymity is one of the measures that makes this possible. Your profile will not show your name or picture so that your AWS background can speak for itself.  In lieu of a picture, we have given you the ability to create your own personalized Sheldon! This customizable rabbit will be what is shown to your prospective employees when they view your profile.

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What is a (h)opportunity?

At NerdRabbit, we do not have standard job postings, we have (h)opportunities. These are opportunities created by employers looking to fill one or many positions within their company. These are engagements that will show up on the (h)opportunity board and can be applied to by any Nerd on our platform. They can be offered on an hourly, contract, or permanent basis.

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Where can I find a Nerd?
  • Finding a Nerd is a simple process. First, you’ll want to select the “Find Your Nerd” tab. Next, you will see a form with multiple filters for your Nerd preferences. You can filter Nerds by Industry, Skills, AWS Certifications, Education Level, Verification, Location, and Engagement Type (Hourly, Part-time, Full-time). Simply create any combination of filters and click “Search”. 
  • We also have a Boolean Search function at the top right of the form, enter keywords for any of the criteria and we will search Nerds that are a match for you!
What is a Favorite Nerd?

If a Nerd looks interesting to you, you can favorite this Nerd to one of your (h)opportunities by clicking the carrot in the top right corner of the Nerd profile box. After favoriting a Nerd, the carrot in the upper right-hand corner will turn purple and the candidate profile will be saved under your (h)opportunity for later review.

How do I contact a Nerd?

Once you have identified a Nerd you are interested in, there are a few ways to contact them. First, you can click “Hop To It” on their profile. Alternatively, if you’ve favorited the Nerd you can also click “Chat Request” on that Nerd under the relevant (h)opportunity on the My (H)opportunities page.

What is a Verified Nerd?

A verified Nerd is someone with 3 completed references, confirming that they have AWS experience. This is indicated by a blue checkmark next to a Nerd’s name.

How do I interact with the Nerds I have selected?

From the “My (H)opportunities” you can see all of your applicants, send messages to Nerds, schedule interviews, or hire Nerds.

How do I hire a Nerd?

After interviewing with your Nerds, you can propose an offer to a Nerd by clicking “Hire Nerd”. With this functionality, you can make offers to the Nerd and they can propose counter-offers (called Proposals) until you have come to an agreement.

How do I edit my profile?

From the home page, click on “Profile”. Here you will be able to access the “View/Edit Profile” button where you can modify and make changes to your Biography, Engagement types, Experience, and more!

What can I do on the Engagements Page?
  • On your “Home” page, you can access the “Engagements” button. This feature allows you to manage and review current or past engagements with Nerds.
  • From this page you can also manage a Nerd’s timesheet, payments, chats, and video calls.
  • On the Engagements page you can also approve a Nerd’s timesheet by navigating to the timesheet feature inside of the “Home” page.
How does a subscription work?
  • NerdHerders who use our platform regularly can benefit from an annual subscription.  Our standard Pay As You Go plan has a 20% service fee attached, but on a subscription you can choose a committed spend that will lower your fees to 15% in that committed spend range.
  • If you use more than your committed spend, all additional hours will revert back to a 20% service fee unless you upgrade your plan to a higher committed spend.
  • If you upgrade your plan, you will be prorated for the current month and the subscription time period will not change (for example, if you upgraded 3 months in, you would still only have 9 months left on your subscription).
Where can I manage my notifications?

If you click the Settings button on the Home page, you will be able to enable all or individual settings for email, SMS, Push, and Web notifications.

Where can I access a list of all of the Nerds I have hired before?

From the “Home” page, you are able to access our contacts feature to view all of the Nerds you have previously engaged with. From here you can review, block, or re-engage with a Nerd!

What if I need help with a feature or functionality on the website?

No problem, if you are having any trouble, can’t find an answer to something, or need help navigating the site you can fill out a support form. To navigate to the support form, go to the “Home” page and click on the feature labeled “Support”.  Or you can just tell Sheldon you need help and he can help you log a support request!


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