Industry: Software

Date: June 2021

Top Values Provided:

Speed To Market

NerdRabbit helped to significantly reduce the time to get to market.

Cost Savings

By using NerdRabbit, AgVoice saved big on finding top talent.

AWS Experts Hired:

AWS W2 Employees

Director of AWS Cloud Development

AWS Contractors

AWS Cloud-Native Developer

About the Company

As a leader in voice technology for the food and agriculture industry, AgVoice enables enterprise companies to quickly capture accurate, in-field insights while on the go.


With the increased demand for its ground-breaking voice capture technology, AgVoice’s legacy application constrained its growth. Using these existing systems made new customer acquisition difficult to accomplish on time, taking over three months, as it required customizations of the product. AgVoice needed to move its application to a more agile platform in AWS to reach its full potential and keep the business alive, all while keeping costs down.

NerdRabbit Solution

After 2-3 strategy discussions with multiple partners, it became obvious to AgVoice leadership they needed in-house AWS expertise, particularly the skill sets required to move to DevOps. Continuing to pay consultants and outside software development companies would deplete the limited funds AgVoice had available. Additionally, AgVoice needed to bring on people with an understanding of its legacy codebase along with new technologies from AWS like DynamoDB, Lamda, Lex, and CI/CD services. AgVoice turned to NerdRabbit to find experienced, cloud-native developers to rewrite much of its core application.   

NerdRabbit then launched an exclusive search to find the perfect candidates from its database of nearly 100,000 potential fits. Within three weeks, the pool was narrowed down to 10 individuals who had the necessary technical background. NerdRabbit account executives and the lead recruiter then helped Agvoice make its final choices and hire resources based on culture fit, skill set, and other AgVoice specific criteria.


As a result of working with NerdRabbit, AgVoice was able to rapidly re-architect its application and move to AWS, which lowered its operational costs by 80%. This result sped up software deployments for new customers, cutting the implementation time down from over three months to an average of one week. CEO, Bruce Rasa said, 

“The NerdRabbit team helped us find the perfect W2 and contract employees to modernize and optimize our platform, enabling us to quickly deliver a range of paid projects for some of the largest food & agriculture enterprise partners in the world. We are now working with two of the top three seed companies in the world and have secured $1.5 million in funding.”

With these accomplishments, AgVoice is now poised to be a leader in this multi-billion dollar industry.

aws outcome

As part of its migration, AgVoice used Dynamo DB, Lambda, and Cognito User Pools in its latest innovation. CEO Bruce Rasa said, “This strong foundation allows us to lay on ML & AI capabilities that leverage the high-value field data streams and enable our partners to make better time-critical decisions faster.” NerdRabbit placed candidates to architect its solution to be scalable, allowing them to meet the demands of new, multi-billion dollar customers. With the goal of this industry being to track and prove the source of crops on 10 billion acres of farmland, AgVoice’s need for a scalable system will allow its spend in AWS to grow as the company does.

AWS Expertise of Candidate:

AWS Lambda

AWS Dynamo DB

AWS Cognito

“We knew we needed to migrate to AWS, but were faced with a significant hurdle.  We could not afford excessive expenses to keep legacy systems operating while simultaneously investing in consulting companies to help us move to AWS. Relutech’s NerdRabbit division offered us access to individuals that we never could have hired on our own – and they were able to add members to our team at a speed that far exceeded our expectations.”  

Bruce Rasa


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