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Chat with our NerdRabbit, Sheldon. Powered by machine learning, Sheldon uses his unbiased knowledge to pair candidates and opportunities. Looking for a full-time hire for your team? Tell Sheldon what your requirements are. Looking for a fellow AWS professional to help you get through a tough project or adversity at work? Find a more seasoned expert to guide you through it. Whatever you’re using NerdRabbit for, Sheldon is your personal concierge to ensure that you’re propelling the success of your business in a cloud 1st world.

Need an AWS Nerd?

Chat with Sheldon! Tell him a bit about the role you’re trying to fill and about your ideal AWS candidate. After discussing some of the details, Sheldon will hop back to our burrow to hook you up with one of our Certified Cloud Recruitment Consultants who will work to find you the perfect AWS candidate for the job who you can hire through the AWS Marketplace or your Nerdly (the software powered by NerdRabbit) account.

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Our Certified Recruiters have connections with top businesses in the nation.

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Our Certified Recruiters don’t only have connections, but they have years of collective experience. They know how to find you the right role, that’s perfect for you.

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Have a free hour for lunch? Hop on and chat with Sheldon to find a SideHop that’ll make you some extra cash.

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Sheldon can help find you the perfect candidate for the job – in a timely matter.

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We’ll take the burden of finding that perfect candidate off your hands. Sheldon is your personal concierge to find you exactly what you’re looking for.