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what is nerdly?

Using AWS machine learning technology, our software focuses on interviewing and vetting techniques, using unbiased algorithms to match AWS professionals with opportunities. 

Nerdly will be a resource for AWS professionals to find new job (h)opportunities, a platform for employers to find top AWS talents to fill needed gaps on their team for hourly, contract, or full-time hire, and a space where AWS professionals can connect and collaborate in the NerdBurrow.

Soon, you will be able to access Nerdly on our web, Android, and iOS application.

which one are you?

NerdHerder or Nerd


Definition of a NerdHerder


1. A representative from a company or an individual in need of an expert to hop on a project, become a contractor or join their team for a full-time role.

2. An individual or a representative from a company who is looking to fill the gaps on their team with AWS Professionals.


Definition of a Nerd


1. A supreme nerd who excels or who aspires to excel in the IT cloud space. This “nerd” wants to capitalize on their talents while being a revolutionist in the cloud 1st world.

2. An expert in their industry, looking for an opportunity for hourly, contract, or full-time.

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nerdly is on the aws marketplace

NerdRabbit is excited to announce its official launch on the AWS Marketplace. NerdRabbit enters the Marketplace with a software offering called Nerdly, aimed towards connecting AWS professionals and employers alike. What are some benefits of NerdRabbit being on the AWS Marketplace? Keep reading.

Find AWS Skill Sets For Your Team

Nerdly is expected to propel careers in AWS, providing a platform for AWS professionals to display their experience, expertise, and credentials to connect with companies in need of these specialized skill sets.

Reduce Friction In The Hiring Process

NerdRabbit’s mission is to take much of the friction out of the recruiting process to deliver qualified candidates to customers in a faster, more-efficient process that reduces or eliminates bias through our machine learning technology.

Filter To Your Needs

You will be able to find top AWS talent for hourly, contract, or full-time hire. Need a Nerd for an hour to assess your cost management, or need a full stack developer to hop onto your team full time? Whatever your needs are, NerdRabbit can connect you with the AWS talent to reach your goals.

Use Your Credits

Once we find you a candidate you want to hire, we can bill our fee directly to your AWS account so that you can pay on your AWS bill. This not only makes payment seamless with your AWS account but also allows you to apply your AWS budget towards staffing tough-to-find AWS specialists.

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