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See how our Certified NerdRabbit Recruitment Consultants have helped our former candidates propel their careers into a cloud 1st world. 

“I have worked with several recruiting companies in the past; however, my recruitment consultant introduced me to the best jobs in my field, including the one I ultimately was hired onto. She listened to my must haves, interesting work, good culture fit, best in their industry, flexibility in work from home and so many other wish list items. My recruitment consultant never failed the challenge and found great opportunities for me.”

– Cloud Data Architect

“Changing career paths can be daunting but at every stage my recruitment consultant was available to talk through any concerns I had and offered support when needed. She managed to match me to a position perfect not only for my career and ambitions but also my personality. I have no hesitation in recommending the NerdRabbit Staff, to anyone looking for a new job opportunity.”

–  Software Engineer

“Once every couple decades you might come across an excellent recruiter who is efficient, timely, and reliable in advancing your profile to the top shelf of her client’s search. For me, my recruitment consultant was that conductor and artist in pulling all the right strings in concert. To know and see such talent that radiates dynamically is no small honor for me. Thank you to my recruitment consultant for making this process so painless and easy!”

DevOps Engineer

“Working with my recruitment consultant made me feel like I was at VIP status. He did so much of the work for me and kept me up to speed as things progressed. Within about a week of speaking I was on a plane to an interview and shortly after secured the job. After accepting the offer we ran into a few snags and again my recruitment consultant and his team prevailed. I couldn’t have been happier to work with him and will most definitely do it again.”

Software Architect

“First I would like to say that my recruitment consultant’s attention to detail, and her willingness to listen to the clients/applicants needs are tremendous! She is not only thorough at her position, but excelled in every aspect of the recruiting process.

As a seasoned professional and long career in the industry I’ve worked with numerous recruiters. 90% of the time the process is painful vs enjoyable. My recruiter’s kind attitude and respect for her applicants time is what made this an phenomenal experience. Hands down best recruiter I’ve come across in my 10 years in the industry. A+!”

– Full Stack Developer

“Working with my recruitment consultant was the best recruitment experience I’ve had in my career.  He ensured I landed my dream job and exceeded my salary expectations.  My recruiter even met with the head recruiter to have an understanding of their expectations and gave me clear advice on how to do my best at the interviews.

My recruitment consultant offered me consistent encouragement and I approached the interviews with more confidence than I’d ever had before.  I always tell my friends to call this recruitment consultant, because I know he can help them come work with me.”

– Systems Engineer

“My recruitment consultant never forgot about me, like most recruiters do if you are not actively interviewing. She kept her eyes and ears open to the perfect opportunity came along. Working with her during and after the interview was like talking to a friend, excited about the opportunity and celebrating your victory. I had such an awesome experience, I have recommend her to many of my friends. I would have not be where I am if it weren’t for my recruitment consultant.”

– Cloud Data Architect 

“I started my applications for a new opportunity at a challenging time of the year.  The winter holiday was fast approaching and everyone’s schedule was in disarray. My recruitment consultant was a great advocate and I always felt he represented me well to the company.  He was able to do this even with the challenges of people being out of the office for holiday.  He also kept me well informed of the next steps and timeline.  Because of his diligence, I have landed my dream position.

Software Engineer


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