Industry: Connected Car Software

Top Values Provided:

Significant Time Savings

NerdRabbit helped to significantly reduce the time needed to fill needed gaps on this team. 

Technical Expertise

By using NerdRabbit, this company gained needed technical expertise. 

About the Company

This automotive communication company offers connected car solutions for large automobile manufacturers around the world, to stream content to millions of automobiles in real time. 


Over the past two years, this company has experienced exponential growth after winning deals with 3 of the top ten automobile manufacturers in the world. This growth has resulted with a huge increase in usage of their streaming services, forcing the company to rapidly scale their solution and architect it to provide services to millions of new users worldwide. This growth required hiring teams of people who could immediately add value to their development efforts and meet critical deadlines. Finding engineers and developers with necessary AWS skills became a major bottleneck. Internal recruiting teams were struggling to onboard qualified candidates in a timely manner, and outside firms did not seem to have the AWS expertise to properly screen candidates.  

NerdRabbit Solution

ReluTech’s Talent Solutions team (now NerdRabbit) was engaged to fill numerous positions on cloud-native development teams.  Though the company had a large internal recruiting group and used several other recruiting firms, NerdRabbit was quickly elevated to almost exclusively fill the positions requiring AWS skillsets. 


The company continues to onboard millions of new users on a highly scalable platform, built on AWS. Resources found by NerdRabbit, were instrumental in developing the scalable platform which made onboarding millions possible.

One key director stated, “without NerdRabbit’s AWS expertise and connections, I don’t think we would have had a chance to meet our deadlines. We now turn to them for all of our AWS hiring needs!”

AWS Experts Hired

  • Java Developer (AWS)
  • Android Developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Scrum Master
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Manual/Automation API QA
  • Senior Technical Writer
  • Resident Engineer

AWS Expertise of Candidate:



AWS Cloud Formation


AWS Lambda


“NerdRabbit has helped expand our team of developers to increase our number of subscribers.”  

– Lead Technical Recruiter

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