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Hey NerdHerder! We’re so happy that you’ve decided to hop into NerdRabbit. NerdRabbit is the world’s first AWS Software Defined Staffing Company powered by machine learning technology. We pair our software with our Certified Cloud Recruitment Consultants, to find your company top AWS talent in your region.

Our services are supported by our proprietary software – Nerdly. Using AWS machine learning technology, our software focuses on interviewing and vetting techniques, using unbiased algorithms to match candidates with opportunities. Nerdly is a resource for AWS professionals to find new job (h)opportunities, a platform for employers (YOU) to find top AWS talent to fill needed gaps on their team for hourly, contract, or full-time hire, and a space where AWS professionals can connect and collaborate in the NerdBurrow.

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Step 1: Receive a demo of Nerdly. See what all the hype is about!

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Step 3: Learn the ins and outs of Nerdly by reading our blog by NerdRabbit Product Manager, Valerie Bussey.

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Step 5: Hire your first Nerd! Did you know you can do this through the AWS Marketplace? Reach out to your personalized Cloud Recruitment Consultant with any questions you may have.

Step 6: Stay in the know with some resources. Need a refresher on Nerdly? Get caught up here. Want to get in contact with your Certified Cloud Recruitment Consultant? Reach out here. Ready to get your swag on? Gear up here.

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