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The NerdHerder League Baseball (NLB) Draft

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NerdRabbit is helping match our community of job seekers (we call them Nerds) with opportunities in cloud engineering/development, IT, and marketing, and we need you to step up to the plate. Browse some popular jobs we fill below.

Knock it out of the park with your referral. If they become a paying client, you, your company, or our charitable partner, Promise 686, can earn $1,000 for every entry level hire and $2,000 for every mid level to senior hire in the first 6 months.*

*paying client must be a net new customer

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Here are some popular jobs we fill. Complete the form to refer companies to claim up to $2,000.


FinOps/Cost optimization

Cloud migration consultants

Data center engineers

AI/ML experts

DevOps engineers

Security experts

Solutions architects

Data scientist

Fullstack developers

Cloud architect

Project managers

Software engineers

Cloud engineer

Backend developers

Frontend developers

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