what is nerdrabbit?

definition of nerdrabbit [nurd-rab-it]


1        World’s first AWS Software Defined Staffing Company Powered By Machine Learning Technology. NerdRabbit strives to connect AWS Professionals (we call them Nerds) and Employers (we call them NerdHerders) in a cloud 1st world.

2        His name is Sheldon. Through AWS powered Machine Learning, Sheldon acts as your personal concierge when finding the right candidate or (h)opportunity.

careers in aws have never been so easy

nerdrabbit is your one-stop-shop for aws staffing needs.

looking for your next (h)opportunity?

Let us connect you to your next AWS opportunity. We’ll not only find you a job that you love, but one that pays you what you deserve.

aws powered machine learning

Chat with our NerdRabbit, Sheldon, through our customized machine learning software. Whether you’re looking for a (h)opportunity or an AWS professional, Sheldon will use his brainpower to perfectly propel your involvement in AWS.

looking to hire?

Our AI/ML algorithms find your company the AWS professional (we call them a Nerd) you need. Our Certified Cloud Rerecruitement Consultants paired with our machine learning technology help to find you a Nerd in a frictionless and unbiased way.

what does it mean to be a nerdherder?

A NerdHerder has access to our exclusive community AWS professionals (we call them Nerds) to be able to hop on an hourly job, be a contractor for your big project, or join your team for full-time hire. NerdHerders can access these AWS professionals through our software platform, Nerdly.

what does it mean to be a nerd?

Are you an AWS professional looking to make career moves? If you become a Nerd with NerdRabbit, you’ll have access to top opportunities that you can hop into. This includes hourly work (we call it SideHopping), contract work, or full-time hire.


The Software Powered by NerdRabbit.

Nerdly is our software-defined staffing platform. While NerdRabbit is the overarching company, Nerdly specifically refers to our AWS machine learning technology software that supports our talent solution. Nerdly is the propelling force that runs NerdRabbit, providing a space for employers and AWS professionals to connect virtually for hourly, contract, or full-time opportunities.

Whether you are an AWS professional (we call them Nerds) or an employer (we call them NerdHerders), we can help to propel your career or business into a cloud 1st world.

hop in

you know you want to.

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