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We understand that finding a new opportunity isn’t always easy. That’s why we made Sheldon. Sheldon’s AI/ML technology partnered with our NerdRabbit Cloud Recruitment Consultants can find you the perfect role – one that you won’t just love, but will pay you what you deserve. Our Recruitment Consultants will use their connections to help you propel your career in a cloud 1st world.

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Mobile Game Developer

Location: Remote

Hours: 5

Description: We are seeking a mobile developer to implement software changes and assist in packaging and deploying to Apple and Android app stores.

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Solutions Architect with Infrastructure Experience

Location: Remote

Hours: 15

Description:We are in need of infrastructure workflow design and implementation on AWS.

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Lead Software Developer

Location: Remote

Hours: 40

Description: Currently hiring for experienced devs who have worked with cloud, amazon genomics cloud, python, docker, and are generally flexible in hooking up APIs for custom scientific applications.

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Senior AWS Solutions Architect

Location: Remote

Hours: 50

Description: We are seeking an AWS Solutions Architect support and guidance on setting up AWS infrastructure following best practices. 

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Lead Software Engineer

Location: Remote

Hours: 25

Description: We’re looking for a programmer to work on a 3D desktop plugin for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut and Motion.

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ServiceNow Technical Consultant

Location: Remote

Hours: 1500

Description: Looking for an onshore (US-based) ServiceNow Technical Consultant and ServiceNow Solutions Architect.

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