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In a cloud first world, it is no surprise that Cloud Computing is consistently ranked as the most in demand of all IT skills. As these skill sets and job opportunities continue to evolve and the cloud proves to be the future, we saw a gap that needed to be filled. 

We made NerdRabbit to appeal to three different audiences. The first being companies looking to develop their internal AWS teams through contract or full-time hires. The second being, other Cloud Professionals who are seeking expert advice and assistance in their day to day adversities through collaborating with more seasoned experts, by the hour. Finally, NerdRabbit can be a resource to non-technical employees or individuals looking for assistance on projects, whether by the hour or on a contract basis.

With ReluTech’s Talent Solutions Department focused on legacy skill sets, we wanted to compliment their offers through a software-focused solution. NerdRabbit connects AWS Professionals to the predescribed audiences through advanced AI/ML technology, we call him Sheldon. This software focuses on advanced interviewing and vetting techniques to save your team time and to connect you with the talent best fitted to your needs.

So what makes us different than ReluTech? It all comes down to Sheldon.


This is My H1 Tag

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Chat with our NerdRabbit, Sheldon. Powered by AI/ML, Sheldon will use his unbiased knowledge to pair candidates and opportunities. Looking for a full-time hire for your team? Tell Sheldon what your requirements are. Looking for a fellow AWS professional to help you get through a tough project or adversity at work? Find a more seasoned expert to guide you through it. Whatever you’re using NerdRabbit for, Sheldon will act as your personal concierge to ensure that you’re feeling at home in the Burrow (what rabbits call their home).

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Mark Metz

Mark Metz

CEO (Head Hare)

Michael Whaley

Michael Whaley

Director of Talent Solutions

Claudia Bové

Claudia Bové

Marketing Manager

Leigh Rixey

Leigh Rixey

Marketing Coordinator

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“To connect a colony of professionals to share ideas and

propel careers in a cloud 1st world.”


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