nerd FAQs

answers to frequently asked questions


What is NerdRabbit?

Nerdrabbit is the world’s first AWS software-defined staffing company powered by machine learning technology.

What is a Nerd?

A nerd is an expert in their industry who excels or who aspires to excel in the IT cloud space. This “Nerd” wants to capitalize on their talents while being a revolutionist in the cloud 1st world and is looking for an opportunity to sidehop, do contract work, or find a full-time position.

What is a NerdHerder?

A NerdHerder is a representative from a company or an individual in need of an AWS expert to hop on a project, become a contractor, or join their team for a full-time role.

What is a (h)opportunity?

A (h)opportunity is what we call job postings created by NerdHerders. You can apply to a (h)opportunity to get your profile in front of a NerdHerder.

What is a Cloud Recruitment Consultant (CRC)?

A CRC is a recruiter who helps bridge the gap between Nerds and the NerdRabbit platform. They’re here to start the connection and help throughout the process. All our CRCs are well-versed in AWS and have earned their AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications!


What does it cost to build a Nerd account?

Nothing – this cost-free service is meant to promote the creation of relationships between Nerds and NerdHerders.

How long will it take to build a Nerd account?

You can register for a Nerd account in seconds! Afterwards, you will be asked to verify your email and a Cloud Recruitment Consultant will contract you to start our screening process.

What do I need to build a Nerd account?

All you need is a device with internet access and an email address or social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) to sign up!

Why is it asking for my phone number?

Before being activated on Nerdly, all new Nerds are required to complete a screening call with one of our Cloud Recruitment Consultants and we need a phone number to complete that process. You also can receive notifications for new (h)opportunities via SMS!

Why is my account under review/why does it take days to activate?

Before being activated on Nerdly, all new Nerds are required to complete a screening call with one of our Cloud Recruitment Consultants. If your account is “under review,” that means you created your account, but haven’t completed your screening call yet. If you haven’t heard from a Cloud Recruitment Consultant 48 hours after registering, please contact us at and we’d be glad to help!


How do I edit my profile?

You can always edit your profile by going to Home > Profile > View/Edit Profile.

What is the Profile Wizard?

The Profile Wizard is the very first step once you log into your Nerdly account after being activated. It is a 3-step process for you to build your profile before you start searching for jobs.

Can I upload a picture or can I only use rabbits?

As a method of reducing hiring bias, one of our main features is maintaining a degree of anonymity for our job-searching Nerds. We want your skillset to speak for itself! For now, we’ve given you the ability to select a few different versions of Sheldon to add some style to your profile.

How should I select my skills on my profile?

The Skills filter is an opportunity to show your specialized expertise. Nerds are allowed to choose up to 5 skills, so it’s important you choose the categories that best represent your background.

Can I edit my location later?

Yes, you can always edit your location under Home > Settings > Update Location.

Can I select all engagement types (hourly, contract, full-time) and is it final?

Yes, just click on all the boxes. If you need to edit later, navigate to Home > Profile > View/Edit Profile.

How do these settings affect my ability to find a job?

NerdHerders will filter by the types of engagements Nerds are interested in, so it’s important to identify the types of roles you want.

What should I put for the job title section?

For the Job Title section, we advise that you list your most recent title.

What kind of information would be good for a bio?

Your bio is an opportunity to tell NerdHerders a little bit about yourself and the type of work you’re seeking. Good information to include would be the types of positions you’ve held, the types of AWS technology you have experience with, the types of projects you’ve worked on, and the types of projects you would like to find through Nerdly. Another feature of Nerdly is unbiased searching, so it’s important to NOT put any identifying information like your name, companies you’ve worked for, or contact information in your bio. Once you’ve accepted a chat request from a NerdHerder they will be able to view your attached resume, so this information will become visible at that point.

Who can view my profile/bio?

NerdHerders can view a Nerd’s profile and bio in their search results. Your resume and certification links will not be shared until you have accepted a chat request.

Who can view my resume?

Your resume is made available to NerdHerders only after you accept their chat request. Your resume is kept internally at NerdRabbit for your Cloud Recruitment Consultant as we try to help you find work.

Are certifications requried?

We don’t require any specific certifications, but they can improve your chances of finding work through Nerdly. You can add certifications by going to Home > Profile > Licenses & Certifications.

Finding Job Offers

Where can Nerds find the (h)opportunities?

Nerds can search for (h)opportunities by clicking the Find Your (H)opportunity tab.

Can I search for NerdHerders?

Unfortunately no, Nerds are able to search for open (h)opportunities but will not see a NerdHerder profile until they have requested to chat with you.

How do Nerds apply to a (h)opportunity?

Click on “Are You Interested?” and fill out the pop-up form.

How can Nerds find the best (h)opportunity for them?

Nerds are able to filter by Industry, Skill, Company Size, Engagement Type, and Location to find our best openings.

How do Nerds keep track of the jobs to which they’ve applied?

To check on any of your applications you can go to the My (H)opportunities tab. Here you will be able to view all the (h)opportunities that you have applied to and you can filter by the status of the jobs.

How do I view my interviews?

Nerds will receive an email with a calendar invite anytime they accept an interview request. They can also view all of their future and past interview links by going to Home > Interviews.

Where do Nerds start chats with their NerdHerders?

Nerds. can chat from multiple locations on our site. They can use the chat bar in the bottom right corner by clicking the picture of Sheldon, the Contacts page, and Engagements.

What can I do on the contacts page?

Nerds can open chats with NerdHerders that they have connected with, view NerdHerder profiles, or block NerdHerders.


How do Nerds receive payment?

Nerdly is integrated with Stripe so that we can quickly process payment as soon as a timesheet is approved. Nerds can set up their payment preferences by going to Home > Billing.

What are payment options for Nerds?

Nerds can be paid by debit card or bank account.

How long does it take to receive payment?

Payment should be received within 2 business days.

Extra Help

How can I contact Nerdly support?

Nerds can contact support by emailing, contacting their CRC, or logging a ticket on Nerdly from Home > Support.

Screening Call

What does “official screening call” mean?

All active profiles on our site require professional AWS experience. Our screening call is to ensure that new Nerds have actual AWS product experience before allowing them to sell their services on our platform.

What is needed to pass the screening call?

All nerds are required to have professional AWS experience. Our screening call will probe the types of projects you have worked on, the technology used, and problems you have solved to make sure that your experience checks out.

What if I don’t pass the screening call?

No sweat! Even if you don’t have the AWS experience required for Nerdly, we have a long background of placing all types of IT professionals and would be happy to support your job search outside of our Nerdly software.


What can I do on the Ratings page?

The Ratings page is available under the Home Page and it contains information on ratings received by NerdHerders and Ratings given by Nerds.

How do I get ratings?

Nerds can receive ratings after completing Hourly engagements.

What is a turnip?

Turnips are NerdRabbit’s metric of quality. Here at Nerdly we measure performance on a scale of 1 to 5 turnips.

When do I get rated?

NerdHerders are able to rate Nerds as soon as they’ve ended their engagement. This is optional, so if your NerdHerder hasn’t rated you, please reach out to request that.

When do Nerds get to rate NerdHerders?

Nerds will be able to rate NerdHerders as soon as an engagement has ended. 

What are Nerds rated on?

Nerds will be rated on Flexibility/Adaptability, Work Ethic, Communication, Problem Solving, and Overall Experience. Overall Experience is the only rating that will affect a Nerd’s average rating. NerdHerders will also be able to leave comments to address any thoughts they have that can’t be addressed by our rating system.

How do ratings affect a Nerd’s ability to get hired?

A Nerd’s ratings are available for viewing by NerdHerders. Nerds with higher ratings are more likely to be messaged by NerdHerders when the qualifications match.

Accepting Job Offers

Where can Nerds accept job offers?

All pending offers can be accessed by going to the My (H)opportunities tab and going to the relevant (h)opportunity.

Can Nerds negotiate job offers?

Yes, if the Nerd feels the rate or amount of hours aren’t ideal then they can propose a new rate and amount of hours. Nerds and NerdHerders can go back and forth until they come to an agreement.


Where can Nerds review their timesheets?

Home > Nerd Timesheets

Can Nerds manage timesheets by date?

Yes, just select the dates that you wish to manage and click Go.

How can Nerds log a timesheet?

Nerds can log a timesheet by clicking Home > Engagements > Timesheet (under the relevant (h)opportunity). 

What do timesheet overviews show?

Timesheet overview shows Date, Hours, and Amount.

What is the Engagements Page?

Engagements is where Nerds can access their timesheet management and start chats with their NerdHerder. 


What is a Service?

A Service is a specific type of project that a Nerd can provide on an hourly basis to a NerdHerder. A Nerd will need a reference completed by their Cloud Recruitment Consultant for the service to be activated.

How does a Nerd create a service?

Nerds will need to select a pre-existing title or request a new title. Then they will post the hourly rate, approximate hours of completion, and a brief description of the service. Both the listing and potentially new titles will be approved after your Cloud Recruitment Consultant completes your reference check. 

Where can a Nerd access services?

Home > Services.


Where can Nerds manage settings?

Nerds can edit their account settings by going to Home > Settings.

What types of settings are available for Nerds to manage?

Nerds can update their phone number, location, password, and notification preferences all from the Settings page.