industry: food supply chain

Date: July 2021

Top Values Provided:

Diversity Initiatives

NerdRabbit was able to provide SWARM with talent that aligned with their diversity initiatives.

Significant Cost Savings

By using NerdRabbit, SWARM saved big on finding top talent.

Technical Expertise

Through NerdRabbit, SWARM was able to find an AWS technical expert for hourly hire.

Experts Hired:

Full-Time Candidate

Professional for full-time hire

about the company

SWARM is a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize supply chains for the food and logistic industries.


As a start up, SWARM needed time for their CEO to focus on other mission-critical activities. To broaden and deepen the growth of the data science team, the CEO was looking for a dedicated data science leader. 

nerdrabbit solution

NerdRabbit Direct is a special team within NerdRabbit that focuses on the direct hiring of contract and full-time AWS and Azure professionals.

As a cloud-centric talent partner, the NerdRabbit Direct team provided industry expertise to bring in a qualified leader in data science who met all of SWARM’s needs.NerdRabbit acted as SWARM’srecruiting arm by seeing the candidate through interviews, in-depth screening, and salary negotiations.


NerdRabbit used their industry expertise to identify and match the perfect candidate for SWARM’s data science needs. In addition, NerdRabbit helped SWARM secure their funding, allowing them to accelerate their growth and gain further momentum in their market.

“Our company needed to bring a Chief DataScientist on board to assist in raising the next series of funding. The Chief Data Scientist that the NerdRabbit Direct team provided was able to use her expertise to support customer initiatives, accelerate the product development, and extend our academic network for data science and R&D.”

Chief Executive Officer

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