Peachtree Corners, GA — June 12th, 2023 — NerdRabbit is pleased to announce that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage, a network of certified partnerships and integrations that enable customers to leverage the  Google Cloud platform. As part of this network, NerdRabbit will provide Google Cloud clients with a free-to-use platform to engage with flexible and pre-vetted Google Cloud experts, all available to onboard and begin work within 48 hours.

Thanks to this partnership, the Nerdly platform will feature a greater number of Google Cloud project opportunities for cloud and IT professionals. These experts will also be able to list their Google Cloud skills, certifications, and experience, widening the talent pool on Nerdly and giving organizations looking to hire access to more specialized talent.  

“We started NerdRabbit just a little over four years ago with the goal of transforming the way companies procure cloud talent,” says Michael Whaley, NerdRabbit’s Global Director of Strategic Alliances. “By erasing all the barriers to engaging pre-vetted architects, engineers, and consultants, we’ve created a one-stop shop for organizations dedicated to their cloud transformation. As we continue to innovate, it makes sense to broaden our partner relationships with other innovators and bring our machine-learning-powered SaaS offering to a wider audience.  We’re excited about the opportunities with our new partner, Google Cloud, and are ready to empower their customers with Nerdly.”

This latest announcement marks an expansion of NerdRabbit’s history of connecting clients with cloud talent for other cloud hyperscalers, global systems integrators, and independent software vendors (ISVs) around the world. As more organizations choose multi and hybrid cloud infrastructures to increase technical resilience and avoid vendor lock-in, filling the cloud skills gap will become increasingly important. NerdRabbit sees itself as providing a crucial service for organizations looking to quickly hire qualified cloud talent and help more organizations along their digital transformation journeys, making this partnership with Google Cloud a crucial milestone. 


About NerdRabbit: NerdRabbit connects cloud professionals to employers looking to fill roles with top talent. Through our software platform, organizations from all industries gain access to some of the nation’s top AWS developers, engineers, programmers, and coders—ready to take on your next short-term or long-term projects.

Learn more about our platform and services here.



About Steven Slyker
As the NerdRabbit Performance Marketing Manager, Steven leads our Marketing team and is responsible for building/managing the NerdRabbit brand.

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