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Get your rabbits in a row.

Get your rabbits in a row.

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Step 2: Optimize your profile. Learn more about the best way to optimize your profile by reading our blog by NerdRabbit Product Manager, Chris Youngblood.

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Hey Nerd! We’re so happy that you’ve decided to hop into NerdRabbit. If you need a refresher, NerdRabbit is the world’s first AWS Software Defined Staffing Company powered by machine learning technology.

We created NerdRabbit to specifically cater towards your advancement as an AWS professional. Our services are supported by our proprietary software – Nerdly. Using AWS machine learning technology, our software focuses on interviewing and vetting techniques, using unbiased algorithms to match candidates with opportunities. Nerdly is a resource for AWS professionals (YOU) to find new job (h)opportunities, a platform for employers to find top AWS talent to fill needed gaps on their team for hourly, contract, or full-time hire, and a space where AWS professionals can connect and collaborate in the NerdBurrow.