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Apply to Nerdly

Tell us a little bit about you, and a member of our team will be in touch to complete the application process.

Complete screening

To ensure everyone has the best possible experience on Nerdly, we screen all applicants to verify work experience and qualifications.

Complete screening

To ensure everyone has the best possible experience on Nerdly, we screen all applicants to verify work experience and qualifications.

Start finding (h)opportunities and get paid

You’re in! Complete your Nerdly profile, browse (h)opportunities, get hired, and get paid.

Start finding (h)opportunities and get paid

You’re in! Complete your Nerdly profile, browse (h)opportunities, get hired, and get paid.

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Boost Your IT Career Working Remotely

Whether you seek hourly projects, full-time positions, contracts, or project-based roles, NerdRabbit is here to propel your IT career to new heights through remote work (h)opportunities. Apply for your Nerdly account today and discover remote jobs in cloud computing and IT. Contact us to explore remote IT (h)opportunities and take the next step in boosting your IT career.
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IT Remote Jobs FAQs

What is a remote IT job?

An IT remote job involves performing Information Technology related tasks from a chosen location, often at home or a remote setting. These roles can include managing, troubleshooting, developing, or maintaining IT systems, networks, software, or applications using virtual collaboration tools. They offer flexibility, enabling professionals to contribute to projects, support teams, and solve technical challenges while maintaining work-life balance and geographic independence.

What types of IT roles are available to work remotely?

Remote work in the IT industry offers a broad spectrum of roles. Some examples include software developers, IT support specialists, database administrators, network engineers, cloud solutions architects, and more. These positions encompass diverse skill sets and responsibilities, showcasing the flexibility and variety of remote (h)opportunities in IT.

What level of experience do I need to get hired in a tech position?

The required level of experience for a tech position can vary based on the specific job and employer. Common experience levels can be entry level, junior, semi-senior (SSR), senior (SR), intermediate, beginner, no experience, and more.When applying for tech roles, review job descriptions for specific experience expectations, as companies typically outline desired levels in their postings.

What skills are essential to work in an IT position online?

Working in an IT position online requires a range of technical and soft skills. Some essential skills can include technical proficiency, adaptability, problem-solving abilities, communication, time management, collaboration, and more. Having a combination of these technical and soft skills is crucial for success in a remote IT position.

Can I get a part time online job in IT?

Yes, it’s possible to find part-time online jobs in the IT field. Nerdly offers a diverse range of (h)opportunities that can fit your requirements:

  • Hourly: Explore flexible hourly roles on Nerdly. Projects can range from a few hours to full-time, including (h)opportunities from cloud migration consultants to extra developer help.
  • Contract: Contract jobs range from a few weeks to six months or more, offering professionals more stability with the freedom to take on contractor engagements as desired.
  • Full-Time: Discover your next full-time role with our cloud recruitment consultants – certified Cloud Practitioners ready to elevate your career.
  • Project-Based: Join Nerdly for project-based work. Companies hire freelance consultants through Nerdly for tasks such as cloud migrations and Well-Architected Framework reviews.

Do I need a degree to work online?

In the IT industry, having a degree can be beneficial but isn’t always a strict requirement. Employers often prioritize qualifications such as practical skills, certifications, and hands-on experience over a specific degree. Many individuals working successfully in online roles have gained relevant skills through self-study, online courses, bootcamps, or practical experience rather than pursuing a traditional degree.

What kind of salary can I expect from a remote tech job?

In a remote tech job, salaries can vary widely based on factors like job role, experience, skills, industry, and location. Top salaries in the tech industry for remote positions can reach six figures, with some roles offering potential earnings of $100k or more annually. High salaries often demand expertise, advanced skills, and experience that align with specific industry needs. However, it’s important to note that salary ranges can differ significantly depending on various factors.

How can I prepare for a Tech job interview?

Preparing for a tech job interview requires understanding the job description in depth, refining technical skills, showcasing a portfolio, researching the employer, practicing mock interviews, staying updated on industry trends, and more. This approach that covers technical proficiency, problem-solving, and effective communication, elevates the chances of securing a tech job.

What responsibilities are typically associated with remote IT jobs?

Remote IT positions require a wide range of responsibilities, with key tasks including managing and maintaining computer systems, providing technical support to users, developing software applications, and more. Additionally, remote IT professionals often work in IT project management, documentation and reporting, remote collaboration, and continual learning to stay updated with technological advancements. These roles commonly require proficiency in systems maintenance, technical support, software development, cybersecurity, and adaptability to remote work tools and practices.

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